Download Limitation Without Torrent

Torrent starts from problems that arise over the limitations of the internet that prioritizes download speeds over uploads, limits the amount of internet data from each download, and even limits some large pieces of internet data so that there are limitations in accessing a system. The limitation to get various files in one source raises significant difficulties for internet users. Actions download and data acquisition is hampered because the source must be ensured to always be alive at all times. BitTorrent created a protocol where decentralization of the problem described in the previous paragraph occurred. This allows server fragments to occur in various places so that the source where the data or file is located becomes more than one.

Just imagine that each computer or personal server from each downloader then becomes the source where the data will be downloaded next. Various types of data exist on various computers, making downloads processed at very high speeds. You need to know that everyone who downloads the initiator’s data or files is usually referred to as peers and the collection of peers is called a swarm. In short, all the burden that was initially held by the initiator becomes a burden of dependents which is shared with the downloaders.

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